About Riverblue Designs

Welcome to riverblue designs shop.

Hello my name is Michelle. I am the maker behind riverblue designs.

I have a love for nature and being outdoors. One of my favorite things is going for walks with our beautiful golden retrievers (River & Blue).  Whether it’s a beautiful sunny day or cloudy and gray, there is so much beauty in nature all around us… all you have to do is take the time to appreciate it.

An incredibly talented European woman educated me on the art of knitting in the 90’s and my love for knitting started there and never faded. This passion for knitting brought out a creative side in me that I didn’t know existed and now I love challenging myself to learn new techniques and new patterns. 

My knitting inspiration comes from spending time with nature through our four seasons in Manitoba.  I try to create items that I would wear myself whether it’s on an outdoor walk, cross country skiing or kayaking in the early hours of the day when all you hear on the lake is the sound of the Loons.  This is where it started......Riverblue Designs.

I'm grateful for your support and want to thank you for visiting my shop.  I hope I am always able to create pieces that interest you and bring you warmth and comfort!

Thank you for visiting!